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Ways to Wear Fashionable Legging Tights This Winter

Posted on January 05 2017


Leggings are a staple clothing of modern women. They come in a variety of styles, designs, patterns, colors and fabric and are fashionable, stylish and comfortable. Naturally, they are a hot favorite amongst women of all ages and during all seasons. Though initially they were meant for spring/summer time, yet with the advent of warm leggings/winter leggings, they can now be worn all the year to suit and enhance your style statement.

With the rising popularity, leggings changed from the monochrome colors to printed fashionable ones that would make their way into all wardrobes, irrespective of age. If you are someone who likes to stay in tune with the latest trends, then you must have obviously switched to fashion leggings and ditched the monochrome ones long back. But how to wear them ideally when winter is already at the doorstep? Summer style may be easy-peasy, but not winter fashion. You need to stay warm, yet be fashionable. That’s exactly where this guide will help you:

Buy cropped leggings

If you love bright colored printed leggings, it would be best that you choose cropped ones instead of full-length ones. When paired with the right winter boots or shoes and socks, the crop style will be fabulous on you without being too bold or eye-catching.

Wear ponchos

Heavy, woolen light colored ponchos match well with fashionable tight leggings. They not only keep you warm during the winters but offer a stylish, casual look that isn’t too flashy.

Try tweed jackets and skirts

Another way to wear tight black leggings is to wear it with light colored (preferably white) sheer skirt and a light-striped tweed jacket. The combination works great if you are running errands or going out to meet your buddies.

Lace tops

Midi or mini lace tops pair perfectly with fashionable tight leggings for women. You can match the color of your top with your leggings or even try contrasting colors depending on what suits you the best. However, the lace work mustn’t be too elaborate, or it may look skimpy. Ideally, lacework in the sleeves or collar region would suit the best with tight leggings.

Long sweater tops

If you are looking for the right match with your gym leggings, then long, hip-covering sweater tops will be your best pick. These tops are usually body –hugging and fit tightly and so, you will be able to workout without any sort of problem. However, make sure that the top that you wear with your workout leggings isn’t too bulky or too warm or you may feel uncomfortable during your workout sessions.


Since it’s winter outfits that you are looking for, you can choose to wear a single-colored overcoat with your warm, tight leggings. If you have chosen black leggings, then a white or light-colored top or shirt will go best with it. If the leggings are vibrant in color, you may choose to wear shades that will lessen the effect of the bright color of the leggings.


Parkas can also be worn well with printed leggings unless they are too bright. If the prints are very bright and bold, you will require an upper wear that neutralizes or minimizes the effect considerably and makes your outfit perfectly casual. The parka that you choose can be a regular one or fur-lined for better warmth during the winters. Winter boots, especially ankle length ones, will match perfectly well with the outfit.

Leather and denim

If you love wearing denim and leather, then here is some good news for you. You can now wear them with your winter leggings for a casual, edgy look. If you want to gear up for some sporty look, you can match the outfit with a pair of socks and sports shoes. However, you have to have a daring dressing style to carry off this outfit with confidence.

Cashmere knitwear

You can choose various patterns and designs of cashmere knitwear to match with your warm leggings. They can protect you well during chilly winters and also be a good casual style, irrespective of the length or color that you choose to wear. However, the color of the leggings should match well with the shade of the knitwear and should preferably be any one of white, beige, black, gray, ash or faded blue. If you want to go a step beyond, you may also wear flashy colors like golden, steel, etc.

Plunging neck, turtle neck or v-neck winter wear

With these types of winter wear, the colorful leggings would suit the best. However, colorful doesn’t here mean that you can wear those glossy or flashy fashion leggings with these outfits. Lighter and regular shades like sky blue, pink, light yellow, purple, bottle green, light floral prints and animal prints can be matched.

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