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Trend Alert: Animal Printed Leggings and How to Wear Them Well

Posted on December 29 2016

Killing animals and using their skin as clothes dates back centuries. Gradually, with the making of fabric like cotton, wearing animal skin went of trend and it changed from a necessity to a luxury. Soon, a time came when only the rich of the society used animal skin – not only as a clothing item but also in accessories like belts, bags, etc. These items made of animal skin were not only gorgeous and stylish; they were a symbol of flamboyancy and wealth.

However, with the passage of time, fashion designers gradually transferred the design of the animal skin onto clothes and soon they became extremely popular. Common people could, now, get a royal look without having to kill animals or pay a heavy price for the actual animal skin. The appeal is almost equal and obviously, they became a craze as soon as they hit the market. Though initially the design was applied to general clothing items like shirts, skirts, etc., gradually, with the growing demand, animal print was applied to shoes, purses, scarves, leggings, gloves and what not! In fact, animal prints are one of the most popular types of printed leggings that are available in the market in the present times.

How to wear animal printed leggings?

Though animal prints are extremely fashionable, it is important that you wear them the right way. They are quite different from other print leggings, and there is no middle path here. You either do it right or do it wrong. So, if you are planning to wear animal prints, you have to ensure that it matches well with your style and fashion and you are totally comfortable in carrying it off. Do not try animal prints just because your friends do or you have seen someone looking fab in them. Choose what you want to wear very carefully, or you may end up being a fashion disaster.

Here are few things that you need to consider-

Be minimalist

Though most people have a tendency to color/style match their outfit, the same isn’t quite right when you wear animal print leggings. There is a strong reason for that. Animal prints themselves are a very bold choice, and if you wear more than one garment that has animal prints, you will end up overdoing and ruining your style. So, when your leggings have animal prints, you need to wear a very simple top or shirt preferably in white, blue, green or other darker colors. You can wear light colors as well if they match your profile.

Go mild

If you find that the animal print is looking too bright or glossy, you can try to neutralize the strong appeal by wearing a light, single color top/shirt and calf-length boots. This will reduce the overtly striking nature of the animals prints and can make you feel comfortable in animal prints.

Long top wear

The best choice of upper wear with print leggings inspired by animal prints are long tees, tank tops, shirts, etc. Longer topwear will ensure that your hip region is covered and the leggings do not appear too bold.

Tight fit

Wearing animal prints generally make you look more stodgy than you actually are. So, the leggings that you choose must be tight-fit and body hugging. So, do not unnecessarily choose animal skin inspired plus size printed leggings just as you do with your trousers or pants to feel comfortable. It will be a fashion disaster to wear loose animal prints.

Choose boots

More often than not, boots (calf length or knee- length) go best with animal printed leggings. If you are wearing a short top/mini dress with the leggings, choose knee length boots and if you choose a long tee/top, shorter boots will look the best.

Choose your accessories well

While wearing leopard print leggings, you need to wear silver/golden sleek jewelry that isn’t too heavy or gorgeous. Be minimalist in the choice of jewelry. Your handbag or clutch should preferably be simple, yet vibrant; preferably in a dark color. Shoes and belts should be black, white, beige or brown.

Be confident

Since animal prints are inherently bold, you need to be bold and confident about yourself. Else, you will look odd in these leggings. Especially when want to wear these printed workout leggings to work out in style, you need to remember to go as simple as possible. No unnecessary accessories and a white/black top will be the very best for your workout style. Else, you may look like a fashion item in a gym!   

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