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Leggings For Women - A Buyer's Guide

Posted on December 24 2016

Leggings For Women - A Buyer's Guide

For all women of the present times, it is important to find clothing that is not only stylish but also comfy as wearing something uncomfy throughout the day would be an arduous task. Indeed, who would like to wear something that would become a botheration and make it difficult to carry on with the daily chores? And that is the very reason, why more and more women are switching to leggings, shunning tight trousers, baggies, sweats, jeans, etc. Not only the leggings offer more comfort as a regular and casual wear, but they also are cheap, offer a wide variety of choices, can be worn during all seasons and variety of occasions, making them a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Women tend to buy leggings now and then to stock up their wardrobes for various occasions. But not every time, their choice suits them well and thus, they end up being disappointed with their look. If this happens to you often and you feel frustrated with yourself when you see your friends or peers looking fab in their leggings, then this buying guide is for you. It will help you understand what would make you look great and things that you need to consider before you buy a pair of leggings for yourself.

Important things to consider before buying leggings for women

If you are looking to stack up your wardrobe very soon, then it's time that you lend a thought to these factors:

Consider the occasion

Leggings for women are now available for all seasons and various occasions. So, before you buy a pair for yourself, it would be prudent that you consider when and where you want to wear it. Do you want it as regular wear or you want to wear it to parties, pubs, etc.? Do you want to wear the leggings during spring/summer or fall/winter? Do you want to look glammed up or just be your usual subtle self? The answer to these questions must be obtained before you decide on a pair of leggings. Warm/winter leggings would be the ideal pick for the winter months, while colorful leggings are best during the spring/summer time.

Refer to the sizing chart

Before you buy any pair of leggings, it is very important that you carefully check out the sizing chart of the brand that you would prefer to buy. Sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and since, leggings are meant to be snug, even a very small difference in size will look odd on you as there will be unnecessary creases along your leg making them look stodgy.

Try it out

Though most people have taken on to online shopping, yet when it comes to buying leggings for women, it would be ideal that you try them out physically at a retail store. This is important because not all brands or styles or materials suit everyone and in the case of buying tight-fit clothes like leggings, it is vital that fit perfectly and comfortable. Else, you will not be able to wear them with ease and style.


Another important thing to consider is the material that the leggings is made of. First, not all materials/fabric are suitable for everyone. Like some may not be comfortable wearing leather or spandex type materials and be more comfortable with cotton, lycra, etc. Second, all materials are suitable for all occasions. Like if you are looking for leggings to wear during yoga or workout sessions, lycra would best suit you and not cotton.


The look of the leggings will matter a lot as well. Plain monochrome leggings are good for you if you want to be just comfy and subtle. If you want to a little more stylish you can choose to buy printed leggings that are widely available in the market. Various types of prints are available, and you can choose as per your preference.


Your style of dressing up is also an important factor to be considered. Each woman has her own style statement, and the leggings must be bought accordingly. If you are a teenager or want to look cute for occasions like homecoming, you need to buy cute leggings that are mostly available in vibrant shades of pink, sky blue, light purple, light green, etc. along with lovely flower or doll prints. But not everyone will look good in them. For some, the shiny or glossy black thick leggings would be ideal, while for some animal prints/galaxy prints would do a wonder. So, before you buy any leggings, it is important to decide on your style and preferences.


The length of the leggings is another thing to decide on. Leggings come in different lengths – full, ankle, knee, Capri, stirrup, etc. and are meant for different occasions, styles, and outfits. What you want to wear with the leggings will go a long way in deciding which will be the best choice of length for you. If you are wearing ankle length boots, you can wear cropped/ankle length leggings. You can also match full-length leggings with knee length boots. In short, the choice must be made according to the outfit that you intend to wear.

Body type

When you are planning to buy leggings for yourself, your body type needs to b considered as well. If you are plum or heavy, especially on the butt or thigh region, buying black leggings or similar darker colors will offer a slimmer look than lighter, vibrant colors. Then again, if you are quite slim, a pair of calf length leggings will suit better than knee-length leggings that will expose your skinny lower legs.

In short, a number of vital decisions must be taken before you actually buy a pair or more of leggings. Careful considerations of the factors discussed above will help you make a wise decision on what type, style, pattern, design or material should you choose to match and enhance your style statement. So, spend some time, mull things over a bit and you too will as sexy and stylish as any of your friends who wear leggings.

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