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How to Wear Fashion Leggings in Style?

Posted on December 20 2016

Over the past few years, the importance of leggings as an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe has increased manifold. Gone are the days when they came only in the matte finish and in monochromes that often made them look dull and boring. To keep up with the growing demand of modern women, leggings also have become a fashion item like any other women’s clothing and a large variety of women’s fashion leggings are presently available in the market. They are quite different from the traditional monochromes and in no way are less attractive and appealing than other forms of pants or bottom wear that women prefer. And to add to that is the fact that they are easily available, quite cheap and widely varying.

But to achieve the best looks, you must know to properly style the fashion leggings so that they camouflage your not-so-attractive features and enhance your overall appeal and beauty. The following fashion tips will help you in making the best out of these leggings and look your best in them:

Length – Like millions of women out there, if you do not have a perfect model-like figure, it would be best that your fashion leggings aren’t too short. Short leggings would draw attention to your bulkier hip and thigh region, something that most women wouldn’t prefer. So, preferably stick to calf length and longer. Also, you can wear longer boots like calf length or knee length ones with your leggings to look sexy.

Prints- Printed leggings are in high demand now. But choose prints according to your body shape, your bulges, and your imperfections, so that you can look the best. Do not wear very bright and colorful leggings as they attract a lot of attention and perfectly outline your imperfections. If you desperately want to wear lovely colors, it would be best that you neutralize the effect somewhat with subtle tops, dark colored shrugs or wraps, and neutral accessories. If the prints are more like stripes, choose vertical one rather than horizontal to look better.

Finish – Fashion leggings may come with a glossy or shiny finish and they will no doubt attract a lot of attention. The best way to divert the attention from the imperfections would be wearing a neutral top that covers your hips nicely and preferably extend a bit further. This will camouflage the usual body imperfections that women tend to have like heavier butts, thighs, a small bulge at the tummy, etc. A longish top, tee, midi dresses, midi skirts, midi dresses, etc. will match perfectly with a wide variety of fashion leggings that you will find out there.

Accessories – While wearing fashion leggings, it is a must that you carefully choose your accessories. For example, if you want to wear a pair of cute leggings with the cutest prints and colors, it would be unwise to go matchy while choosing your jewelry, handbags or clutches, shoes, etc. unless you want to look all dolled-up and super preppy, It would always be a wise choice to carry subtle or neutral accessories if the leggings are too bold, flashy, or preppy.

Fabric – Though a variety of fabric is used in fashionable leggings, try not to choose those made of leather, faux leather, etc. as they call for a bold look and isn’t everyone’s suitable style statement. Rather go for cotton, nylon, elastane, etc. that are not only superbly fashionable but good for most outfits and preferences and will not make you uncomfortable in your skin.

If you want to wear fashion workout leggings preferably choose ones that are made of spandex, lycra, etc. as they are good for your workout sessions. Other fabric or materials may make it difficult for you to workout effectively, obviously hampering your workout sessions and schedules, something that you wouldn’t want to compromise for a pair of sexy, fashionable leggings, however, beautiful or hot you may look in them.

Fashionable leggings are easy to get and buy and you can opt to buy wholesale fashion leggings if you want to have a great many of them for a variety of occasions and outfits. You can mix and match them as you would prefer or in a way that they enhance your beauty and looks. Careful attention must be paid while you choose and buy them as, otherwise, you may end up looking weird and stodgy – something that no woman would want for herself. So, quickly consider a few basic points, find the right fashion leggings, match them well and bedazzle everyone!

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